Renege Policy and Offer Guidelines

Renege: (verb) to fail to carry out a promise or commitment

ECS recognizes that receiving a job offer is an exciting, but sometimes complex, situation.  ECS asks students and employers alike to follow best practices in order to foster a positive recruiting experience for all participants.  

For students this means never accepting a job offer with the intention of turning it down if  "something better" comes along.  This practice is known as reneging.  Not only is it inconsiderate and unprofessional, it also reflects poorly on Ohio State and could negatively impact other Ohio State students' opportunities with that company.  Also, employers communicate with each other at recruiting events, and you don't want to tarnish your reputation.  

In order to prevent a renege situation, follow these best practices:

  • Be cognizant of timing and other opportunities you are pursuing.  When you receive a job offer, clarify timelines and ensure you are allowed sufficient time to decide.  ECS has offer guidelines in place for employers so that you can make an informed decision while balancing school, extracurricular commitments, and your job search. 
  • Consider requesting an extension to decide.  If you feel you have not been given ample time to consider an offer, a deadline extension is recommended.  If you've interviewed elsewhere and are awaiting potential offers from other employers that you would seriously consider accepting, contact those companies as soon as you receive an offer to let them know of your decision making timeframe. 
  • Take advantage of ECS.  Juggling multiple deadlines and offers can be challenging, so take advantage of our knowledgeable ECS advisors to help coach you through this process.  
  • Stop looking once you've made a decision.  After you have given your decision careful consideration and accepted an offer, be ethical and stop looking. Inform other employers who have extended offers that you have accepted another position. And don't accept further interview invitations or search further.

If you find yourself in a renege situation, plan to meet with ECS ASAP (before you renege).  There are penalties for reneging on a job offer, and we will work with you to ensure that the situation is handled optimally and with as little harm to you and Ohio State as possible.  


If you renege on an offer, you may be suspended from using Handshake by Engineering Career Services until the concern is resolved.  A renege on a job offer will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  

For intern/co-op concerns, contact: Katy Arenschield

For seniors and graduate student concerns, contact: Rachel Kaschner