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Pay it Forward

Whether you graduated last year or decades ago, we love to engage alumni with our current engineering students.  There are a variety of opportunities with ECS to give back by providing advice as well as recruiting new talent.  We look forward to connecting with you!

Get Involved
Looking to give back? ECS offers programs to help you connect with students by providing advice and expertise.

Recruiter in Residence

Alumni Success Stories

Looking to engage in another way such as sitting on a panel or writing a blog post? Email Amy Thaci ( to express interest. 

Recruit Engineering Students
Alumni are often the best advocates for hiring top OSU engineering talent.  If you are interested in recruiting students for your organization (or building a case for your company as to WHY you should recruit OSU STUDENTS), please contact Katy Arenschield ( for Co-op/Internship positions and Amy Franklin ( for Career Employment positions.

Connect within the college
Looking to connect with a specific department or group within the college? Contacts can be found here.