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Should I Pursue a Professional Engineer License?


What is the PE License?

The Professional Engineer (PE) license is a certification that demonstrates an engineer's expertise, competence, and ability to practice in a specific engineering discipline. It signifies that a certain level of education, experience, and testing requirements have been met. The requirements vary by state or country, so depending on where you want to work, you’ll need to do a deeper dive of what is entailed--the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) is a good place to start.

Benefits of the PE License

Now, let’s dig into who can benefit from obtaining a PE license. Licensure can be beneficial for various engineering professionals, but especially those who:

  • Want career advancement: Many engineering positions, especially in management or higher-level roles, often prefer or require a PE license. It can open opportunities for advancement.
  • Work in industries requiring licensure: Industries like civil engineering, environmental engineering, structural engineering, and the like often require a PE license for certain roles, especially those involving public safety or where engineering plans need to be approved by a licensed professional.
  • Desire to take on more responsibility: Professional Engineers are responsible for signing off on engineering plans, which involves ensuring the safety, functionality, and adherence to codes and regulations. If you want to take on this level of responsibility in your career, obtaining a PE license is crucial.
  • Work in consulting or private practice: Engineers who work independently, provide consulting services (specifically civil, structural, environmental, etc.), or start their own firms can benefit from having a PE license. Clients often prefer to work with licensed professionals for credibility and assurance of expertise.
  • Are seeking international opportunities: For engineers planning to work internationally, a PE license can be advantageous as it demonstrates a high level of knowledge and professionalism, which might be recognized or respected in other countries.

You’ll find that you will need to choose which discipline you’d like to specialize in when you start exploring licensure. In next week’s blog, we will cover the path to obtaining the PE license.

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