Minorities in Engineering

Our nation’s demographics are rapidly changing, which is propelling businesses to be more mindful of the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce. As markets expand globally, being able to understand and reach out to the individual needs of people from different cultures and regions will be vital for economic growth. A multicultural, talented, and trained employee base gives companies that advantage.

Many companies have a sincere goal to increase their overall diversity. Some offer corporate diversity programs and affinity groups which are intended to attract a wide variety of minority candidates and promote cultural diversity.  Engineering Career Services works with many employers who do this very well!  We are committed to working with any and all students in finding their best fit in the workplace.  ECS also collaborates very closely with the Minority Engineering Program here at Ohio State in the College of Engineering.

Job Search & Workplace Considerations

Keep in mind that while the workplace has become a much more open and friendlier environment to diverse groups, discrimination unfortunately still exists in our society. Title VII of the Civil Right Act of 1964 makes it illegal to discriminate against individuals based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or disability. However, this does not stop employers from discrimination.  As a job seeker, be attentive to these issues.  

Some candidates opt to highlight their diversity in their job search.  Your resume provides you with the opportunity to identify yourself as a diverse candidate.  Showcasing your involvement in professional or academic minority organizations is one strategy for doing this.  Hiring managers who are interested in diverse candidates will be looking for this type of involvement on your resume.

Consider these key indicators to evaluate a company’s commitment to diversity:

  • Diversity in senior and upper management levels
  • Diversity amongst the highest salaried employees in the company
  • Diversity amongst the company's workforce as a whole
  • Recruiting for new hires in diversity publications
  • Recruiting at cultural or professional events for diverse candidates
  • Membership in diverse professional organizations

To learn more about understanding diversity in the workplace, please visit Ohio State’s OnPACE web modules for an educational overview of your rights. 

*At Ohio State’s College of Engineering, underrepresented minorities are defined as Hispanic, American Indian/Alaska Native, and African American.

Resources on Handshake

ECS also has an extensive list of resources available to our engineering students who register with our office.  Within our online job search system, Handshake, there are numerous Minorities in Engineering specific job search and career and workplace resources.