Recruiter of the Year

We are very fortunate to have such amazing employers! We know that an organization is made up of individuals. As a small way of showing our appreciation to an individual who represents their organization in a recruiting capacity, we established the Recruiter of the Year award in 2019. The Recruiter of the Year award recognizes and celebrates an individual who has gone above and beyond in all aspects of supporting Engineering Career Services and the student recruiting experience.

To determine the winner of the Recruiter of the Year award, we consider a variety of factors. We look at individuals who have actively supported the mission of ECS by collaborating with us to empower students to attain lifelong career management and employment goals. We also consider individuals who have demonstrated a significant commitment to recruiting, hiring, and cultivating engineering talent.

We value YOU, the individual, for going above and beyond to recruit Buckeye Engineers for your organization!

2023 Recruiter of the Year

Alan Wright, Intel Corporation

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Past Award Winners


Beau Beechler, Cleveland-Cliffs


Danny Weckstein, Niagara Bottling


Cheryl Verbeke, Caterpillar


Michael Meade, GE